Roll-out ADA Beach access mat

Boardwalk, sidewalk and footpath roll-out surfacing

Floating beach wheelchair

Portable roll-out boat ramp

  Portable Oil spill beach access mats

Dune protection sand fence

Mobi-Mat vert défense 2012

Beach access landing mat

Portable landing boat ramp

Helicopter landing mat, Forward Army Refueling points

Roll-out Logistics Tent floor surfacing duckboards and sidewalks

Deployable Roadway Mobility Vehicles

roll-out composite Temporary roadways and road track,

Dual Deployable and Floating mobile bridge

Mobi-Mat rouge 2012

Aircraft Recovery Inflatable Cushion and Bases

Emergency access portable roadways and pathways

Disabled Aircraft Recovery Towing Mats

Temporary Roadway Trailer-mounted  Dispensers

Deschamps détouré

Settled in the West of France and in New Jersey, USA, DESCHAMPS GROUP companies design, manufacture and distribute

  • Ground reinforcement mats and dispensers for temporary  roads,
  • Technical fabrics and innovative composites,
  • Conception studies,
  • Floating structures,

for such various fields as industry, environment, energy, defence, airports and navy.


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